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Anonymous: which dior aging cream do you use? 

i believe it is this one:

at least it looks like that! 

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Anonymous: Do you dye your hair? 

I get highlights! I recently put in a purple dye but its gone now hehe 

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Anonymous: isn't dior not vegan? 

i’m not too sure actually, but 1) it’s an old cream anyways 2) i’m a dietary vegan as a lot of big things i own aren’t vegan because i bought them pre veganism

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Anonymous: how do you do your makeup everyday? what do you do for clear skin? 

lately my skins cleared up but i used to get break outs a lot! currently I’m getting a break out too ahh. But i exfoliate, wash my face, and then use a random dior aging cream thats actually done amazing things for my skin!

I don’t wear makeup often unless i’m going to work or going out at night with friends, but casual make up:
face cream, then foundation, then concealer under my eyes and on blemishes, then curl my lashes and put on mascara and touch up my brows a bit! sometimes i add bronzer too 

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